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We have all manufacturing facilities from start to finish - i.e. DESIGNING, CUTTING, PRINTING, STITCHING & PACKING. We can manufacture Promotional, Drawstring, Flour, Seed, Metal Part, Coffee Beans, Potato, Nut, Beans, Grain, Seed, Sand, Mulch, Landscape, Fertilizer, Chemical and several others storage bags made from Polypropylene,  We can custom print bags up to 7 colors. We can also meet your selection criteria of PP break, Seam break, Drawstring break, Drop test, Tear resistance, and Seem size.
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Our Manufacturing Facility Profile:
Machinery: State of the art Starlinger setup.
Width Range: Various
Stitching: Over 250 machines
Capacity: 100,000 Bags per day
Product Range: 100% Polypropylene bags and fabric with UV protection.

Give us your fair target pricing. We will match or beat any competitive offers.

No Surplus or Seconds. We manufacture overseas on demand.











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